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FLUCELVAX QUADRIVALENT is made using cell culture technology, which does not rely on eggs for manufacturing and has the potential to rapidly increase production of flu shots in times of need. It is also antibiotic, preservative, and latex free, and it helps protect against 4 strains of the flu in people aged 4 years and older.

FLUCELVAX QUADRIVALENT (Influenza Vaccine) was developed with a new approach to influenza vaccine manufacturing, using cell culture production technology which uses cells rather than eggs in the creation process. This production methodology was the first major development in influenza vaccine manufacturing since vaccine production began in the 1930's.

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FLUCELVAX QUADRIVALENT Important Safety Information


FLUCELVAX QUADRIVALENT is a vaccine that helps protect against influenza (flu). FLUCELVAX QUADRIVALENT is for people aged 4 and older. Vaccination with FLUCELVAX QUADRIVALENT may not protect all people who receive the vaccine.


You should not get FLUCELVAX QUADRIVALENT if you have had a severe allergic reaction to any of the ingredients in the vaccine.

Who may not be able to get FLUCELVAX QUADRIVALENT?
Tell your healthcare provider if you:
  • have ever had Guillain-Barré Syndrome (severe muscle weakness) after getting a flu shot
  • have ever fainted after receiving an injection
What if I have a weakened immune system?

Tell your healthcare provider if you have problems with your immune system, as your immune response to the vaccine may be less.

What are the most common side effects of FLUCELVAX QUADRIVALENT?
  • pain or redness where you got the shot
  • headache
  • tiredness
  • muscle aches
  • feeling unwell (malaise)

These are not all of the possible side effects of FLUCELVAX QUADRIVALENT. You can ask your healthcare provider for a complete list of possible side effects.

Ask your healthcare provider for advice about any side effects that concern you. You may report side effects to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) by calling 1-800-822-7967 or by going to http://vaers.hhs.gov.

To report SUSPECTED ADVERSE REACTIONS, contact Seqirus at 1-855-358-8966 or VAERS at 1-800-822-7967 and http://vaers.hhs.gov.

Please see accompanying US Full Prescribing Information for FLUCELVAX QUADRIVALENT.

Seqirus Vaccines maintains the FLUCELVAX QUADRIVALENT Pregnancy Registry for pregnant women immunized with FLUCELVAX QUADRIVALENT (Influenza Vaccine). The Registry is strictly observational and is designed to collect prospective data on pregnancy outcomes. To enroll in the Registry, determine eligibility or for more information, please call 1-877-413-4759 or click here.