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History of the Flu Virus
and Influenza Vaccination

Explore the history of the influenza virus and vaccine manufacturing.

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Nineteen Eighteen
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Flu Pandemic

The Flu Pandemic led to extensive research after 30 million to 50 million succumb to the flu in global pandemic.1

30-50 Million Deaths
Nineteen Thirty One
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Scientists find that the flu virus can be grown in eggs.2

Nineteen Thirty Five
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First Egg Based Vaccination3

Nineteen Thirty Five to Nineteen Forty One
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First Human Influenza Vaccines Tested4

Nineteen Forty Two Nineteen Forty Two
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The Flu During WWII

Influenza vaccine studies occur at Army posts.5

Nineteen Forty Six
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Discovery that influenza strains change annually6

Nineteen Sixty Nineteen Sixty
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Using Cell Culture

Cell cultures used for many vaccines, like measles, mumps and rubella.7

Two Thousand Five
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Clinical Development Begins

Clinical development of cell culture-based influenza vaccines begins.8

Two Thousand Seven
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Seqirus in Europe

First licensed commercially distributed cell culture based influenza vaccines in Europe.9

Two Thousand Eleven
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Helping to Prepare

US Government announces Seqirus facility first to be pandemic ready.10

Two Thousand Twelve
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FLUCELVAX (Influenza Vaccine) Approved

FDA approves the first cell culture influenza virus vaccine, FLUCELVAX.11

Two Thousand Twelve
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Made in the USA

FDA licenses the Holly Springs, North Carolina vaccine production plant to make cell-culture influenza vaccines. Flucelvax is being produced in the United States for the first time.12


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